Bridal & Designer Photography

‘Selling Dreams to Brides’ A picture is worth more than a thousand words, it’s what sells a dream to the bride who walks down the aisle in your designs.

The right image will not only help you look professional and create an immediate impact, but it will also help you communicate and sell the dream to the brides who want your designs.  Brides want to see what a dress looks like on a real person, not a mannequin.

Our editorial lifestyle approach delivers the very best from a bridal fashion shoot and enables us to produce stunning bridal images for your business.  We can also arrange for models, professional hair styling and make-up artists to create a winning team for a location or studio shoot.

Any size bridal project you need photographed starts with key ingredients below:

  • Planning your shoot down to how each shot should be set up
  • Casting the fashion models for your shoot
  • Sourcing make up artists and hair stylists
  • Scouting & securing the location, either studio or gorgeous location

Whether large or small scale, big budget or not so big, we provide a successful look book, ad campaign, catalogue or editorial.  Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

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